The Outer Worlds on Switch gets new screenshots: What do you think?

the outer worlds on switch screenshots

The Outer Worlds on Switch got some brand new screenshots today. The game is due to launch in less than one month on June 5, and somehow these new images seem to make the wait even more unbearable. The game was originally slated to launch on March 6 but was pushed back in February due to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic. With so little time left until the game launches, it seems unlikely that The Outer Worlds on Switch will be delayed yet again.

the outer worlds on switch screenshots

Here we see Vicar Max being exactly the type of character he is. Don’t trust this guy.

the outer worlds on switch screenshots

That weapon would definitely look better in your hands, right?

the outer worlds on switch screenshots

In a game when no NPC is safe from the threat of being killed by the player, standing around like this feels a little foolish. You can actually skip the quest that sees you go to the area in this shot completely if you take a different path in the early hours of the game.


Handling energy weapons more and more will eventually lead to your gaining a Flaw.

You can customize your character to look exactly how you want them to. No outfit is too ridiculous.

As I mentioned earlier, you can kill pretty much everyone in the game, including this vendor. You can then wear his head and become him, if that’s what you want to do.

This screenshot is of Nyoka, a potential companion that you can recruit and watch get drunk all the time.

The Outer Worlds on Switch will have both a physical and digital release. Thankfully the physical game box will come with a game card, after initial reports stating that it would simply include a download code for the game. However, the game is going to require a day one patch of around 6GB, and the digital version will download with that as well as the base game, meaning you can get into the game much faster.


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