True to life: Crafty gamer creates real Peach origami from Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Origami King

Just two days ago, Nintendo just casually announced a new Paper Mario game. Named Paper Mario: The Origami King, the title is launching in a mere two months. Though fans do not know if it will resemble older games like The Thousand-Year Door or more recent entries like Color Splash gameplay-wise, its papercraft style is undeniably endearing. One fan found Princess Peach’s origami form so compelling, she made a real-life counterpart.

The Origami King has characters resigned to their papercraft fate

The aforementioned devotee, who goes by the Twitter handle @MissGandaKris, posted the following shot on social media:

Superb use of one’s free time during quarantine, I must say. I can’t even tell the difference between this and the in-game model.

GandaKris is actually a Nintendo Brand Ambassador who has created custom merchandise before, including an Iwata amiibo. She’s quite talented, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Also, please send me the Princess Peach origami. I’ll buy it at a high price.

Enthusiasts, are you impressed with this art project? Are you counting the days until the release of The Origami King? Let us know your thoughts on both of these questions by leaving a comment down below.

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