The Myst Documentary Kickstarter campaign begins tomorrow

The Myst Documentary Kickstarter campaign begins tomorrow Philip Shane Cyan Obduction Firmament

Tomorrow the Kickstarter campaign for The Myst Documentary will begin. This campaign seeks to generate $200,000 from pledges so that quite an epic movie can be made. The film will go back and look at how a small developer team, living in trailers, managed to make the best-selling game of that decade. It’s also going to cover so much more.

Myst is just one part of The Myst Documentary. The movie will follow the developer Cyan, looking back at the creation and success of Myst and where it ended up taking them. In addition to this iconic game, the documentary is going to look at follow-ups Riven, Obduction, and even the company’s latest game, Firmament.

This documentary seems to be much more a labor of love than a piece of work for filmmaker Philip Shane. In the past he’s worked on a number of projects, the most well-known of which may be Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey.

Given how many fans Myst had when it first launched, and how many have come to know the game on modern platforms, this campaign doesn’t seem to be asking for too much. The game has sold millions of copies, so even if each player just gave $1, this documentary would get made. We’ll keep you updated with how the Kickstarter campaign goes over the next month.


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