8/16-bit title The Messenger slices its way onto Switch later this summer

Retro platformer

If you feel nostalgia towards the classic era and love assassin adventures, the upcoming Switch release The Messenger has you covered. Developed by Sabotage and published through Devolver Digital, The Messenger mixes 8- and 16-bit styles to create a distinctive aesthetic that tugs at my childhood heartstrings. It also has time travel and jokes, like a more stabby version of Back to the Future.

Retro platformer

A retro platformer at its core, The Messenger features great controls, upgrades, split paths like my beloved Castlevania III, and a colorful cast of adversaries. Famed composer Rainbowdragoneyes, who basically writes chiptune dance heavy rock, designed the game’s soundtrack using the program Famitracker. Nothing is more extreme than video game metal.

I’m getting Ninja Gaiden AND Shovel Knight vibes here, with a mix of DuckTales cane bouncing. Hopefully, they all mix together as deliciously as chocolate, peanut butter, and ninjas. Look for The Messenger to jump out of the shadows Summer 2018 on the Switch eShop for $19.99.

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