Devolver Digital releases live-action The Messenger movie

The Messenger movie - Devolver Digital

The Messenger is one of the most exciting things to happen yet to the Nintendo Switch, as evidenced by our 10/10 review for the game. Now, developer Devolver Digital, in conjunction with Imagos Films and Sabotage, has released a short The Messenger movie on YouTube–“The Messenger: Shinobi No Kikan.” This is some of the most bonkers PR I’ve seen in a long time.

The movie only runs five minutes, and half of it is actually gameplay footage interwoven into the live action, so it’s ultimately just a dressed up trailer for the game. But the other half of the movie is maximum goofy. The titular Messenger faces off against a bunch of monsters in cool costumes, and it’s done in a schlocky way with a budget of exactly $0 spent on special effects.

It’s fun. It’s stupid. It’s strange. I don’t know if it’s a giant waste of money or exactly the thing to propel this game’s initial sales even further. But I hope its the latter. Check out The Messenger movie below and tell us what you think!


John Friscia
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