The Messenger developers debut a Super Mario Maker 2 course

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Sabotage, the developers behind the heavily acclaimed The Messenger, have released their very own Super Mario Maker 2 course themed after their indie hit. As Nintendo of America tweeted yesterday, the course is titled “The Key of Adventure.” It has three hidden challenge rooms and plenty in common with locations from the gameFor those who cannot see the embedded tweet below, the Course ID is 0KR-5Y1-LNF.

The Messenger released in August of last year to incredible acclaim. Here at Nintendo Enthusiast, we gave the game a perfect 10 out of 10 score. Here is what the esteemed Brett Medlock had to say in his review:

The Messenger surpassed my expectations in its first two hours. Then it went on to become one of the most joyful, rewarding, and memorable gaming experiences I’ve ever had. To say developer Sabotage succeeded at making a great platformer is a huge understatement. The Messenger transcends the platformer genre and should be played by everyone, regardless if it’s their style of game.”

So, if you have not checked out the game, you probably should. If you have already played it to exhaustion and you are craving way more The Messenger, then this level was made with you in mind!

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