\”The Making of Killer Freaks…\” Video Might Just Get You a Bit Excited for the Wii U Game

Although this video from Ubisoft Montpellier was released a little while back, it hadn\’t been discovered by the media it until now. Watching the short video was pretty interesting for me because it almost seemed like the making of a film. Yes, they go outside at night and light garbage cans on fire and test out real guns to get a feel for how the game’s environments should look. Then we see a bit of the animation process of those Killer Freaks including one scene where they get sliced in half. The gore and blood looks like a humorous touch to the game, and with those tall stomping aliens towering over the city it almost feels like the game is meant to be a comical, light-hearted version of Half-Life 2. At least one thing evident from the video is that a lot of love and effort is being put into making the game become a fine Wii U experience.

Check out the video at vimeo.