The Letter Box – Monolithsoft at E3? GTA V on Wii U? & What Are Retro Studios Doing?

Last week, we asked you for your questions to kick off our first weekly Letter Box feature!

This week you asked some brilliant questions including… Will Monolithsoft’s X at E3? Will there be a \’The Last Story 2\’? Will GTA V come to Wii U? And of course, the question on the tip of everybody’s tongue… What on Earth are Retro upto?

Head on below to check them out….

Letter Box: Episode 1

Will Monolithsoft be at E3? Will there ever be a sequel to The Last Story?


While not exactly a direct confirmation, the wife of Xenoblade creator Tetsuya Takahashi took to Twitter last week to hype up Nintendo’s E3 Direct. It’s worth mentioning that Soraya Saga’s last Nintendo Direct hyping occurred just hours before X’s original reveal back in January.

As for a sequel to The Last Story, there has not been any statement to suggest as such, but Mistwalker has released some new artwork via their website that bares striking resemblance to that found in the original game.

Despite three mobile games released last year, no current projects are known about. NCL also registered for two still unknown trademarks \’The Last Ranger\’ and \’The Last Bodyguard\’, which would suggest plans to turn the game into a series.

Perhaps we will find out in the next few days?

Do you think Nintendo will release A Link to the Past on the 3DS eShop before \’Part 2\’ is released?

-S.J. Martin (@sj_martin)

That would be a very sensible business decision, but this is Nintendo, they continue to baffle everyone with their actions. We\’ve yet to hear any rumblings of such.

Wouldn\’t it be nice if they revealed that A Link to the Past was available on the eShop during their E3 Nintendo Direct?

When the Wii U will be officially released in Brazil?

-Yusuke (@DKbrawl)

Now this is a tricky question! As far as I can tell there are no official plans for the Wii U to be made officially available in South America. I\’ve managed to find several import listings which charge over $1000 or R$2,199.00.

There is a thread over at NeoGaf which hints that Nintendo may be returning to South America after the success of the PS3, they previously abandoned the region due to a high level of piracy.

Wii U GTA, better than 50/50 chance?

-Karl Coverdale (@CoverdaleKarl)

Well this is a big question, which will surely be answered officially at some point this week. We have been informed by our source that Rockstar did have the game up and running on the Wii U, but the same happened with Crysis 3 which EA inevitably canned due to their general douchebaggery. There was also a rumour saying that during an investor’s briefing the PC and Wii U versions would be announced back in May, which came and went without any news. This went hand in hand with the suspicious delay from March to September, which was unexplained, perhaps to add additional platforms to the lineup?

Personally I am hopeful to see the game turn up on the Wii U. Nintendo came into this generation with a renewed drive to get third-party support, but outside of the usual suspects like the Ubisofts of the world, we\’ve really yet to see this. GTA V on the Wii U would send a clear message that Nintendo mean business.

Will Nintendo drop the price of the WiiU?

-Rey (@reipuerto)

Menashe: Most probably yes. Either very soon or before the PS4 launches.

Andy: Eventually yes. Will it happen this year, or even be announced this week? I\’m not so sure.

As you will no doubt know, Nintendo always gains a profit on their hardware, this was until the 3DS which launched at such a high priced caused the system to stall shortly after launch. Nintendo uncharacteristically then reduced the price of the hardware some 40% to sell the machine at a loss. However this was backed up with some first-party heavy hitters such as Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, which has since caused the platform to flourish.

Looking at the Wii U – Yes the console comes at a higher premium (not as high as the competition I might add!)  but we already know Nintendo are making a loss at selling it at this price. We\’re only eight months into the console’s first year so manufacturing costs wouldn\’t have dropped to make a sufficient difference. We also know that the software line-up for the rest of the year is extremely strong, with Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Pikmin, Wii Fit all expected by Christmas.

My best guess is we may see a slight chance to their value proposition, meaning tweaked hardware packages, there’s already been rumours of the basic bundle being dropped and a new range of options being formed. Expect this with a stronger, clearer message to consumers, with plenty of tours and events.

What franchise do you think Retro is currently working on?


Have your heard anything about Retro’s new game?

-Jerry Vargas (@JerryVargas)

Wii Sports U.

Don\’t worry, I\’m only kidding. I could speculate for hours on this topic, but being perfectly honest we only have that one famous statement to go on… \”project everyone wants us to do\”.

There has been speculation coming from everywhere, and as usual we checked in with those in the know, and we got this statement back…

\”I know at least one person who won\’t be calling it new.\”

Could this mean its an old franchise revival like the recent Kid Icarus: Uprising? How about one of Retro’s cancelled games we all thought was dead like Raven Blade? It could even be a 2D Mario-platformer and this is a pun about the name New Super Mario Bros!

One thing we can be sure on, is that by this time next week, we will have all pre-ordered it!


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