The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a romantic metal-detecting game from Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture lead

The Magnificent Trufflepigs Nintendo Switch PC release date soon early summer 2021 AMC Games Thunkd first-person romantic metal-detecting game

Publisher AMC Games (AMC as in the TV channel) and developer Thunkd have announced The Magnificent Trufflepigs, a “first-person, romantic, metal-detecting game” set in the village of Stanning in a radiant English countryside. The game comes from the lead designer of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and it will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC “soon,” with Steam citing “early summer 2021” in particular.

In The Magnificent Trufflepigs, protagonist Adam is witty and compassionate and assists a woman named Beth in finding a “local treasure.” However, Beth’s whimsical plans and ambitions for the treasure may not be rooted in reality, and you’ll have to decide how to approach Beth as you unravel her backstory and understand where she’s coming from. Adam is played by Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow), and Beth is played by Luci Fish (Safe House, Another Eden).

The two chief aspects of The Magnificent Trufflepigs are metal-detecting and relationship-building. Regarding the former, you will seek out treasure (“mostly rubbish,” according to Thunkd), dig it up with a shovel and trowel, and share photos with Beth. Regarding the latter, you will talk with Beth via walkie-talkie and through instant messaging, learn about Beth’s hopes and fears, and try to guide the conversation toward unraveling the truth of what’s going on.

What do you think of this quite unique title coming to Nintendo Switch?


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