Breath of the Wild glitch offers a new way to totally break the game

zelda breath of the wild glitch nintendo switch

Another The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch has been discovered, and it seems to be a new method for performing a previously patched-out glitch. The final result of the glitch is that it plunges Hyrule into chaos. To trigger this, you’ll need to find one of the two biggest wandering enemies in the game, a Hinox or a Stalnox, bring it to a waterfall, and push it into it. If you keep pushing, the enemy will eventually pop out of existence, as will all sense of what is right in the world. The below Gaming Reinvented video explains the method in detail.

This Breath of the Wild glitch will make loads of crazy things happen. For instance, Link may walk upside down, up walls, or pivot his upper half 45 degrees in one direction. Horses might get stuck inside trees. You may also see Wolf Link descend underground as his feet disappear beneath him. You should also watch out for any flying animals; horses like to do it the most.

The two best glitches are different though. The first is this iconic scene, which is almost improved by the issues the game is experiencing.

Another result of this Breath of the Wild glitch is Shrines can begin to spin and just… float away.

If you’re hoping to pull this Breath of the Wild glitch off for your next playthrough, you might want to do it soon, just in case Nintendo patches this out as well.


Jamie Sharp
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