The Last Story, other Mistwalker games unlikely to see remakes, remasters

Mistwalker Corporation Hironobu Sakaguchi Wii The Last Story remaster remake remasters remakes

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the head of Mistwalker Corporation and revered creator of the Final Fantasy franchise, did an extensive interview with VGC that touched upon his career, his future, and upcoming extraordinary-looking Apple Arcade RPG Fantasian. Among other topics, the possibility of remasters and remakes of past Mistwalker games like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Wii’s The Last Story came up. However, Sakaguchi did not seem enthusiastic at the prospect, particularly with the idea of full-scale remakes of games like The Last Story. Considering the amount of effort that goes into such an undertaking, he said he would rather just dedicate the resources to making something entirely new:

To be perfectly honest, there aren’t any plans for any remakes at the moment. Although they’re called remakes, the amount of effort and resources it would command means the difference is basically nil between [developing] a remake versus a completely new game, and I would personally find myself more attracted to the idea of coming up with another original story or world, or building something new.

The Last Story was a unique action RPG on Wii that could truly only come out of the head of Hironobu Sakaguchi, and a remaster would be welcome on modern platforms, if not a full-blown remake. But no one can blame Sakaguchi for being future-facing, presuming the 58-year-old chooses to continue making games. (He may also retire.)


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