The House of the Dead: Remake revealed for Nintendo Switch

The House of the Dead: Remake Forever Entertainment Megapixel Studio Nintendo Switch

Publisher Forever Entertainment and developer Megapixel Studio have revealed The House of the Dead: Remake for Nintendo Switch, a remake of the famous 1997 arcade zombie-blasting game. The reveal came bizarrely as part of a quick montage during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase today, but now we can have a longer look at it in the new trailer below. It is still a 1-2-player shooter with multiple endings and “hordes of the undead monstrosities in a fast-paced rail-shooter,” but now the graphics and controls have been modernized. No price or release date has yet been announced for the game.

Whether The House of the Dead: Remake will make use of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con for point-and-shoot controls has not yet been confirmed, but it would be outright lunacy if Megapixel Studio and Forever Entertainment did not account for the possibility. PR also did not specify if the game will come to platforms beyond Switch, but I would not be shocked if such announcements come a little later. Forever Entertainment is notably the publisher of Panzer Dragoon: Remake, and it is working on remaking games for Square Enix.

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