The Great Ace Attorney 1 + 2 may come to Switch in the West, Capcom hack reveals

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 The Great Ace Attorney Nintendo Switch West localization Capcom hack leak

Capcom unfortunately suffered a major hack as of apparently Nov. 2, a “customized ransomware attack,” and it has since been assessing the extent of the damages and its impact on operations. The personal details of a multitude of staff and source code for development projects were acquired, and Capcom issued a recent update revealing that even Capcom Store members in North America may have had their names, birth dates, and email addresses compromised. Now, like it or not, information from that hack is allegedly leaking online, including a potential Western localization for Dai Gyakuten Saiban and Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 — otherwise known as The Great Ace Attorney games — for Nintendo Switch.

The games originally released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan, where they stayed, and they take place around the end of the 19th century. The two The Great Ace Attorney games will allegedly launch together as a bundle on Nintendo Switch, perhaps with an announcement in April 2021 and release in July 2021. However, not all of the information from the leaks can be confirmed as current, so it is possible some or all of these details are outdated. It is best to treat all of this information as speculation and rumors.

Notably, the character Sherlock Holmes appears in The Great Ace Attorney games, and — we’re stressing the word allegedly even harder for this part — the character will be renamed Herlock Sholmes to avoid any potential legal complications.


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