The Game Awards 2020 streams live from LA, London, & Tokyo in December

The Game Awards 2020 streams live LA Los Angeles London Tokyo December 10 Geoff Keighley award for innovation in accessibility new game announcements

As we’ve all learned many times over by now, a pandemic can’t keep video games down, and in some cases, it is even empowering them. Geoff Keighley and his awards show evidently won’t be kept down either. The Game Awards 2020 will stream live from Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo on Dec. 10 at in-studio locations with no audience. The event will be streamed through 45 different video platforms globally and invite viewers to participate via social media, “live-in game experiences,” and “interactive extensions on leading streaming platforms,” whatever that means.

The Game Awards 2020 will also introduce a new award, being for innovation in accessibility. It will celebrate the software and/or hardware that adds new features or technology that makes it physically possible for a wider range of players to enjoy video games.

However, if you only actually care about new game announcements because you think these awards are a frivolous PR sham the same way they are with most awards shows, you’re in luck. Geoff Keighley has stated the new games are still coming to The Game Awards 2020, despite the pandemic.

“The thing that I’m worried about more than anything is that — there’s so much anticipation for the show — is that we don’t have big games to announce to the fans, then that becomes a disappointment too,” he said to Variety. “So I talked to all the game companies and they’re like, ‘No, we’ve got great content to kind of show fans around games,’ and they’re really excited to show that.”


John Friscia
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