The Dark Souls franchise has sold 27 million copies worldwide


Developer FromSoftware has revealed that the Dark Souls franchise has sold 27 million copies around the world. The announcement was made on the developer’s official Twitter account. And also of note, 10 million of those units sold came from Dark Souls III alone, the most recent entry.

The Dark Souls franchise brought about a new era for punishing fantasy action RPGs and pushed the boundaries of environmental storytelling. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch players only have access to the first game and its DLC. Perhaps the series could add on an extra million or more by porting the other two titles to Switch?

Meanwhile, Elden Ring, the upcoming FromSoftware game that’s being created with Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin, has no plans for a Switch release either. We should never give up hope of the title coming in the future though, even if it’s on something like a “Switch Pro.”

There’s really no reason that Nintendo Switch couldn’t get a version of both Dark Souls II and III, especially considering how much of a money maker the third entry apparently is. If nothing else, at least we’d be blessed with more videos of players completing the game with the Ring-Con or by other crazy measures.

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Jamie Sharp
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