The Cuphead Show release date & Netflix trailer revealed at last!

The Cuphead Show episodes release date trailer Netflix February 18, 2022 Studio MDHR animated cartoon short

This is already a day of megaton coocoo bananas news, so sure, let’s toss in the release date and new Netflix trailer for one of the most anticipated video games around — The Cuphead Show! from Studio MDHR. Yep, Netflix and Studio MDHR have a beautiful new trailer and a February 18, 2022 release date for The Cuphead Show! to show off to the world. The old-timey flavor of the brutal boss rush video game is largely retained in the new trailer, which is truly even more of a visual feast than I was expecting. I completely understand why it took so long to get this project together now.

Cuphead, the video game, launched way back in 2017 on Xbox One and PC, and it came to Nintendo Switch in 2019. We have waited a long time since then for the game’s epic DLC, The Delicious Last Course, which last month finally received a release date of June 30, 2022. Now that we also have a February release date and new Netflix trailer for The Cuphead Show!, it finally feels like everything is right in the world. The show even has a gamified website to discover more about the show, if you’re so inclined. The Cuphead Show! is now confirmed to be 12 episodes of 12 minutes each, so you can probably expect some hyper-charming, old-school animated shorts.


John Friscia
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