The Cuphead Show! receives first image and new details

Netflix The Cuphead Show first look image details Annecy Festival StudioMDHR Studio MDHR Moldenhauer

The Cuphead Show! was announced for Netflix last July, and there hasn’t been much news about it since. Now, a few new details have come out by way of the Annecy Festival, which will host a work-in-progress reveal of the cartoon digitally in the second half of June. Chief among of them is the first actual illustration for the show (above), aside from the promotional image released last year. The expressions are maybe a bit “zanier” than the traditional Studio MDHR style, but it looks good overall!

Beyond that, there will apparently be 11 episodes at 10 minutes each, with a target audience of children and families (no nightmarish Event Horizon depictions of Hell here, it seems). The Cuphead Show! is co-executive produced by Dave Wasson and Cosmo Serguson, with the former having worked on Mickey Mouse cartoons and the latter having directed Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling. In the show, Cuphead is described as “impulsive” while brother Mugman is “cautious but easily swayed.” Netflix Animation and King Features are producing the series, with series creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer also being executive producers.

The Cuphead Show!, whenever it releases in full, will be only the latest high-quality video game adaptation on Netflix. Unlike The Witcher, though, this show will be kosher for kindergarteners.


John Friscia
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