The Cuphead Show! on Netflix offers its first exciting sneak peek

The Cuphead Show preview Netflix Animation sneak peek Studio MDHR King Features Syndicate The Cuphead Show! animated cartoon animation

The Cuphead Show! looks like it will be the most charming animated series to hit Netflix since… well maybe ever. The cartoon, which is simultaneously based on the Studio MDHR video game and also the old Fleischer cartoons that inspired the game, has received its first teaser video from Netflix. It shows the first official footage of the show in action, in addition to introducing the voice actors of Cuphead and Mugman, being Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro respectively. (Watch out for Todaro’s devil-like facial hair in the video.) All of the staff responsible for breathing life into The Cuphead Show! are practically beaming with excitement too.

Per previous details, we gather that The Cuphead Show! will apparently consist of 11 episodes being roughly 10 minutes in length each, and it will be geared at all ages. And if this first official look at the show just isn’t enough for you, well, the good news is that more footage leaked online recently. Below you can see some footage that leaked from this year’s digital rendition of the Annecy Festival.

Seeing the show in action, it seems like a lot more of the Fleischer animation style will be captured in The Cuphead Show! than static teasers had suggested. And that’s a great thing! All we need now is a release date.

What do you think of the show now after these new teasers?


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