The Cruel King and the Great Hero trailer tells its cute story in English

The Cruel King and the Great Hero trailer tells its cute story in English

NIS America has shared a new English trailer for The Cruel King and the Great Hero that tells us about its cute story of a little girl and a dragon. We previously saw the trailer for the Japanese version of the game, titled Warui Ousama to Rippa na Yuusha, but we now have it with officially translated English subtitles.

The story is about a young girl named Yuu, who wishes to become a hero and was raised by a dragon. The fearsome dragon is known as the Demon King, who once ruled the entire world before being dethroned by a hero. After their intense battle, instead of killing the dragon, the hero spared him by cutting off one of his horns, which is the source of his powers. The hero decided to accompany the dragon, who became less terrifying after losing his powers. They eventually ended up becoming unexpected friends. However, one day the hero sustained a fatal wound. He asked one last favor from his friend: to raise his child, an infant daughter he had clutched in his arms. The dragon was determined to take care of the girl as his chance at redemption.

The dragon kept his word and raised the girl under his wings. The once wicked tyrant had become a proper father figure to the girl, who loved hearing tales of her birth father’s adventures. It didn’t take long for little Yuu to wish to become a hero herself. The Dragon King knew this day would come:

“Yuu will absolutely become a great hero.”

“—If you were to defeat me one day, then so be it.”

The Cruel King and the Great Hero Story Trailer

As the story trailer reminds us, The Cruel King and the Great Hero arrives West in early 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. The game is immediately available in Japan.