The Coral Switch Lite is selling out before its launch in Japan

Just a few weeks ago, Nintendo announced a fourth color option for the Switch Lite: “Coral”. This new, pinkish color was received generally well by the community. However, the catch is that this was announced right when news about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak really started to surge. Amazon Japan and also the My Nintendo Store in Japan are now having trouble keeping up with pre-orders, and stock is being depleted.

The problem is that the outbreak of the virus has lead to the production of new systems being severely impacted. As a result, once the initial batch of new coral-colored Switch Lite units is sent out to storefronts, there’s no telling when they’ll be replenished.

The coronavirus outbreak will continue to create situations like this as it makes its charge across the globe. While countries are now taking progressively more aggressive precautions to try and slow the spread, it still seems like it will be a while before things calm down. As the weeks go on, the delays in production will continue to add up.


Meanwhile, if you already own a Switch Lite or can only get one a different color, you can still give the system that coral flare with the official coral-colored carrying pouch from Nintendo. It’s going to launch on March 20, 2020 in Japan exclusively at the My Nintendo Store for 2,178 yen (20.94 USD). 

If this first-party carrying pouch doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you may want to check out another Japan-focused selection from Columbus Circle. That company is producing three different options, each made out of different materials and color schemes; but they all match up with the new coral color.

It looks like consumers may need to do some mix-and-matching when it comes to imports in order for everyone to be happy. What I mean is, if you want those coral cases, you’ll have to order them from Japan if you live in the west. However, Japanese shoppers who aren’t able to get a coral Switch Lite in their own country can order one from somewhere like Amazon USA where pre-orders are still live. 

The coral Switch Lite will launch on April 3, 2020.

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A.K Rahming
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