The Caligula Effect 2 first trailer and gameplay footage revealed

The Caligula Effect 2

The Caligula Effect 2, the sequel to the 2016 RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan this June and in the West this fall. FuRyu and Historia shared a first look at its trailer and gameplay footage during a recent livestream.

Tadashi Satomi, who previously worked on Persona 1 and before the first Caligula, returns as the scenario writer. Also returning is director Takuya Yamanaka. Check out the debut trailer below:

The premise of The Caligula Effect 2 is similar to the first game. This time, the game is set in a virtual world called Redo, created by a virtuadoll known as Regret. She made the world to save people from past regrets, but it’s actually a front to imprison people in her simulated world. However, Regret’s “paradise” world gets shaken up when a virtual idol named x brings back the memories of a high school student. The protagonist must recruit members for the Go-Home Club resistance group and lead them out of Redo. That means going against its creator Regret and the Obbligato Musicians.

You can check out the first live gameplay footage of The Caligula Effect 2 starting at the 40:22 mark of the video below:

As far as gameplay goes, the battles see the return of the Imaginary Chain system. The system essentially predicts enemy actions for you to form strategies before setting things into motion. The idea is to see how you can put yourself in the most advantageous situations while minimizing damage. FuRyu and Historia will share more gameplay details for the new features later.

The Caligula Effect 2 launches for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on June 24, 2021. NIS America will bring the game West this fall.