The Black Eagles seem to be the most popular of Three Houses’ factions

Black Eagles

If you’re connected to Nintendo Switch Online while playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, loading screens will often be populated with some fun statistics. One of these screens shows the most commonly used units in battle. While this on its own isn’t particularly thrilling, what it shows is. Though you have the choice of siding with any of the three in-game factions, it appears as though the Black Eagles is the clear favorite.

The “Most Deployed” list showcases the eight most-used units in battles. Unsurprisingly, Edelgard of the Black Eagles has held the top spot. Though this could indicate that she’s the most popular character (as if all the fan art doesn’t), she’s often a required character if you side with the Black Eagles. That, and she’s just that awesome.

Black Eagles
The Black Eagles dominated the most-used units list.

What’s more surprising, however, is the rest of the list. Not a single student from the Golden Deer or Blue Lions makes the cut. Dorothea, Bernadetta, and Petra take spots two through four, respectively, while the men round out the bottom half. This seems to indicate then, that the Black Eagles are the most popular house in the game.

Arguably, it could be said that this list only ranks the characters, since you can recruit students from other houses. However, if this were truly the case, we should still see at least a few of them on the list. So, whether it’s due to their prowess on the battlefield, their designs, or their personalities, the message seems clear. The Black Eagles are the best, regardless of what Claude and Dmitri say!


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