The best Zelda tattoo we’ve ever seen just got better

Back in March, an artist by the name of Chase Tafoya started working on a Zelda tattoo. The thing that stuck out most was the use of color, detail, and the fact that he nailed Link’s look. A few days ago, Tafoya returned to Instagram to provide an updated look at progress on the thigh piece. And once again, it continues to impress on all fronts.

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Chase Tafoya isn’t just a master of ink and needles. If you browse through his social media feeds, you’ll see various mediums used, including intricately designed pencil sketches. There are rappers that have been turned into crowns straight out of a Crayola box, not to mention callbacks to various sci-fi franchises.

Seriously, check out his work

Although Tafoya’s social media feeds offer a glimpse into his work, and micro artwork on his coffee lid designs, there is a library to all of the other stuff he’s done on his official website —not just his Zelda tattoo work. There, you can see his tattoos, insanely detailed portraits, and paintings, some of which have even been featured on retail shirts for the brand Famous Stars & Straps.

I implore you to check out of the rest of the work that Tafoya does. And, if you find yourself in the Bend, Oregon in the United States and are in need of gaming ink, he’s most definitely one of the few people I would entrust in completely translating your favorite character from source material to your skin. Needing more examples of his video game-themed or sci-fi content? Check out his Sweet Tooth design from the Twisted Metal franchise, or even his take on C-3PO from Star Wars. Although, the translator droid might have a much different look than what you might remember.

If you’re looking to book an appointment with Chase Tafoya, you can head to his contact form here.

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