The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book gets a snazzy, pretty trailer

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey trailer Dark Horse Books art

On Nov. 5, Dark Horse Books will be publishing The Art of Super Mario Odyssey, a fully featured color art book for the 2017 masterpiece. To drum up hype, a video trailer has now emerged to show off the contents of the book, and it’s all pretty snazzy. The book will even include all of Mario’s pixel-based 2D costumes, as if hundreds of pages of sketches and concept art isn’t enough.

The Amazon description of the book describes The Art of Super Mario Odyssey like this: “This full-color hardcover volume clocks in at 368 pages and features concept art, preliminary sketches, and notes from the development team, plus insight into some early ideas that didn’t make it into the game itself! Explore the world of Super Mario Odyssey from every angle, including screen shots, marketing material, and more, to fully appreciate this captivating adventure[.]”

Dark Horse has a long history now of publishing attractive video game art books, though they’re not the only player in that game. Udon has published myriad glorious video game art books (especially for Capcom), and the assorted Mega Man art books are my favorites.

In any case, The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is shaping up to be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home library. Will you be picking it up?


John Friscia
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