#ThankYouGameFreak rules Twitter ahead of Pokémon Sword & Shield

Galar Region Pokedex Pokemon Sword and Shield leak

After Game Freak had to cancel a Tokyo launch event ahead of Pokémon Sword & Shield releasing next Friday, swathes of hopeful fans have taken to Twitter to offer their thanks to the famous developer. Highlighting years upon years of childhood memories, lovable creatures, and wondrous adventures, the hashtag #ThankYouGameFreak has taken over Twitter.

Game Freak has been under a lot of fire ever since the National Dex controversy took off, and while all sorts of legitimate criticism can be levied at their games, several series lovers clearly decided that the animosity has gotten out of hand. As a result, a lot of positive sentiment and heartfelt gratitude toward the franchise have flooded Twitter. As someone fairly outside of all of the hotly-contested topics over Pokémon Sword & Shield, it is really nice to see plenty of fans come together to remind us what this series is all about.

As Pokémon Sword & Shield inch closer, it is nice to know that so many people are still quite excited for the next entry. Hopefully, it manages to deliver a great time and build a solid foundation for future Switch titles in the series.

Have you participated in #ThankYouGameFreak? Are you looking forward to Pokémon Sword & Shield? Sound off with your favorite series memories in the comments, and what you’re most looking forward to with the next entries. Even without the full pocket monster ranks, Pokémon Sword & Shield should be a great time for everyone looking to dive into another mesmerizing RPG adventure.

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