Tetris CD-i soundtrack receives a limited release on vinyl

Tetris CD-i has a pretty groovy soundtrack

The Philips CD-i console is most famously known for featuring the first disc-based Nintendo games (which were all embarrassingly bad). However, not a lot of attention was given to some of the other titles from the short-lived console’s library. A stand-out was the console’s version of Tetris, as it’s very difficult to diminish the enjoyment of the still addicting puzzle gameplay.

Tetris CD-i is far from the best way to play the game (especially considering how there is no slow-drop). However, it set itself apart from other versions due to a surprisingly excellent soundtrack, which you can sample here:

Record label UNFORTUNATEFACE has brought this rather unknown collection of video game vaporwave to vinyl in an extremely limited release (with only 500 being pressed). According to the record label’s Instagram, the profits will go directly to the original composer, Jim Andron. Sure, it may not come close to the levels of excitement reached in Tetris Effect‘s soundtrack, but it will fit nicely in your collection of relaxing video game music.

Will you be picking up the record? Let us know in the comments. And if you’re a fan of video game vinyl, make sure to also check out the limited soundtrack for Mother that’s still available to order.


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