Tetris 99 Grand Prix 14 brings Xenoblade Chronicles to the table

Tetris 99 Grand Prix 14 Xenoblade Chronicles

Tetris 99 Grand Prix 14 starts today, and it brings Xenoblade Chronicles to the game. From now until July 7, players can take part in the limited-time event. You can even unlock a brand new theme for the game if you manage to collect 100 event points.

The description for Grand Prix 14 tasks all the titans of Tetris with battling against an army of Mechon invaders from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Players will need to execute long chain counter attacks to topple their enemies and emerge victorious.

Many Xenoblade Chronicles fans will want to play this event for as long as it takes to earn those 100 event points. You can reach that total by ranking first in any match, but that’s much easier said than done. Second place awards 50 points, and third place will earn you 30 points. Your best bet might be trying to come between fourth and eleventh, since those positions will earn you 20 points. At that rate, you’d just need to place five times to reach the 100 points needed to make the theme yours forever.

If, like me, you’re dreadful at Tetris 99, then it looks like you too are in for 100 individual matches, finishing in the last ten places with every match. Still, it’s worth it for that sweet new theme.


Jamie Sharp
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