Pokémon and Animal Crossing questions featured on Jeopardy!

Pokémon Jeopardy

It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion, television game shows are known to feature video game trivia. Likely a result of these questions being on the rarer side, such questions typically don’t go over so well. This proved to be the case last night, as clues about Pokémon and Animal Crossing completely stumped last night’s Jeopardy! contestants.

In the first round of competition, one of the categories came up as simply “Video Games.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the trio of contestants tended to steer clear of this category, even going so far as to change to the “Carpet” category (which, contrary to the name, did not involve clues about actual carpets) after a rough early clue. Among answers referring to Madden NFL 20, Call of Duty, and Doom, all of which received correct responses, a few Nintendo titles made appearances as well. The $400 answer related to Pokémon and can be seen in the image above, while the $1000 answer referring to Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be seen below. These questions proved to be too tough for the contestants, however, as no one rang in to answer either of them.

Animal Crossing Jeopardy

These types of situations aren’t Jeopardy! exclusive, however, as a similar question appeared on last week’s episode of ABC’s The Chase. In the final round, Chaser James Holzhauer (of Jeopardy! fame) was asked to identify the popular social deduction game Among Us. Unfortunately, he failed to do so correctly, and when given a chance to steal the question, the contestants also came up short. Luckily for the contestants, this question wound up not being of any consequential importance, and the duo walked away with $325,000.

I don’t blame game show contestants for neglecting to study up on video games. After all, these questions aren’t common, and if you’re not already involved with video games, jumping in to learn about them could be a daunting task. However, having at least a passing knowledge of the popular titles wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, one question could decide a match, and as last night’s Jeopardy shows, you’ll never know when Pokémon, Animal Crossing, or any other game could pop up!

Steven Rollins
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