You’ve met with a terrible fate: A glitch in Majora’s Mask warps gamers to a developer test room

test room

Last month, we reported on a glitch in Majora’s Mask that sent players straight to the moon. It’s quite a convoluted setup, but a nice trick to find all these years after the title launched. Now, ingenious players have encountered another exploit that warps Link somewhere else. That place is a developer test room, not meant for the eyes of the common gamer.

Is this a test room or purgatory?

Youtuber Seedborn lays out the steps to enter this area in a video below:

Neat! I bet Link is screaming internally.

Accessing the region involves the method players used to warp to the moon, which is called Stale Reference Manipulation. Essentially, Seedborn moves a rupee outside Deku Palace to get a guard to send him to a different location than intended once caught. The site is a test room left over in the Japanese Majora’s Mask data (this locale was removed in English versions of the game).

It’s a cool sector, and it even has crawl spaces from Ocarina of Time (they weren’t used in Majora’s Mask). Sorry, Chris Houlihan, this zone is cooler than your rupee room.

Enthusiasts, are you impressed whenever someone discovers nifty spots in a title’s code? Have you ever attempted breaking a game to stumble upon well-guarded secrets? Let us know below!

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