Tesla Cybertruck and Elon Musk modded into Goldeneye 007


Tesla’s Cybtruck has taken over the internet with its real-life take on low-poly graphics. The vehicle was immediately subject to all kinds of memes, many of which compared the truck to the sort of thing you would see in various retro video games, especially on the Nintendo 64. In line with standard procedure for any meme, someone (YouTuber Graslu00) decided to take things one step further. In this case, that meant modding the truck and its pseudo-mascot Elon Musk into a classic N64 game, the one and only Goldeneye 007. You can see the Cybertruck mod in action in the video below, in which Mr. Musk and Bond ride the truck through the game’s “Streets” level.

The Cybertruck fits in perfectly, that much is certain. Tesla really did seem to pull their latest design out of a late ’90s video game. Elon Musk, meanwhile, looks absolutely terrifying, but the same can be said for tons of facial models from that era. The extra touches with Elon Musk’s character, SpaceX, and more show that Graslu00 is not messing around with this mod.

What do you think of the Cybertruck? How do you feel about its sweeping takeover of the internet in the past few days? Are you a fan, or does its design resurrect an art style that belongs in the past?


Nick Pearson
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