Tesco Offers Up Special Gift for Pokemon X and Y in Europe

Now that the initial excitement is over and the coveted Pokemon X and Pokemon Y versions will finally reach the grasp of many a Poke fanatic in North America, European retailer Tesco is offering up a special gift for those who purchase the game from them.  Tesco, in cooperation with the Big N, is offering a special serial code with the purchase of special promo copies of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.
The code gives the buyer a redemption for 12 quick balls.  In the world of Pokemon a quick ball can give you a higher chance of successfully capturing a wild Pokemon, but it needs to be used toward the beginning of the battle to be most effective.

The special promotion is available to those who pre-order the game or buy the sticker covered copy after the game launches.  Pokemon X and Pokemon Y versions for the 3DS will arrive on October 12.

Tom Stovall