Terry Crews says to localize Mother 3 (no, seriously)

Terry Crews says localize Mother 3

I was half-tempted to just post the below tweet without any text and hit the Publish button, but that would spit in the face of our site quality standards, so yes — let’s talk about the fact that Terry Crews says to localize Mother 3. He has provided no additional context for the tweet, made roughly 40 minutes ago at the time of writing. He has simply demanded, in all caps, “LOCALIZE MOTHER 3!” It’s a beautifully concise statement, presumably aimed at Nintendo of America (probably not Reggie though).

Mother 3 launched in 2006 on Game Boy Advance in Japan, marking the end of a trilogy of RPGs (known as the EarthBound franchise in the West) created by acclaimed Japanese writer Shigesato Itoi. The games have received cool new merchandise in Japan recently, yet Mother 3 has infamously never received an official English localization. It did receive a spectacular English fan translation years ago though, which recently received an update to coincide with the game’s 15th anniversary. Frustratingly, EarthBound and its predecessor, EarthBound Beginnings, are not even available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES libraries.

So obviously, Terry Crews is right that Nintendo needs to localize Mother 3 immediately, preferably alongside a re-release of the previous games. It’s nice that fans are developing a pretty cool successor in the form of Oddity (not to be confused with Oddventure), but there’s really no excuse for Mother 3 not to be officially available outside of Japan.

Also, for those who are wondering, Terry Crews isn’t just some behemoth muscle god actor (even though he clearly is). He’s also an artist and a loving father who does thing like build PCs with his kid.

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