tERRORbane presents a buggy JRPG altered by an obsessed game dev

tERRORbane Crunching Koalas BitNine Studio Nintendo Switch PC

Publisher Crunching Koalas and developer BitNine Studio have announced adventure game tERRORbane for Nintendo Switch and PC with a Q3 2021 release date. The premise is that you are the titular character in a JRPG world, but that world is constantly being changed and fixed by “the Developer,” who is obsessively pursuing their vision of a “perfect video game.” And based off a brief, 20ish-minute PC demo of the game I played, it seems a large part of tERRORbane will be uncovering dozens of silly and/or problematic errors (bugs) in the game. You even receive an in-game paper checklist to keep track of the game’s myriad problems.

It seems like — hopefully in a good way — that you really won’t know what to expect from moment to moment in this game. For instance, tERRORbane begins with an extremely long opening crawl that begs to be skipped, but once you do skip it, it breaks the game and you have to engage in a Dance Dance Revolution-like minigame just to make the opening crawl finish. Then you’re dropped into a typical JRPG town to play the game, but things continue going wrong, like flickering graphics, pulling a door right off its home, and recruiting a box of produce to your party. The Developer spent a good amount of time yelling at me and insisting there were no bugs in the game as well.


If the entire game is like what I played, tERRORbane is probably going to be a pretty schizophrenic experience on Switch and PC when it launches later this year. It was certainly novel though. Hopefully there’s enough of a central thread to the chaos to keep players invested. At the very least, the soundtrack was really nice and SNES-esque. (And one sound effect sounded like… maybe Mystic Quest?)

Let us know what you think of this oddity so far.

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