Terror: K.K. Slider joins the Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear collection

Build-a-Bear K K Slider

When it comes to Build-A-Bear, the company has been quite keen on collaborations with video game IPs. Whether it’s Pokémon or Animal Crossing, gamers are drawn to cuddly replicas of their favorite characters. Speaking of the management simulator, there will be an official Build-A-Bear K.K. Slider joining the growing family tree of huggable friends. And wow, is he horrifying.

Build-A-Bear K. K. Slider can’t hurt you if you know where to hide

Check out Build-A-Bear’s announcement via Twitter, complete with the image of K.K. being branded on his paw:

Now that I’ve seen K.K Slider standing up, I am forever scarred. Those legs do not look natural. I’m getting some Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes. Although, it is quite cool to see some of the dog’s songs included.

If you’d like this anthropomorphic horror to be part of your family, you can order one starting tomorrow in the U.S. (U.K. availability will be detailed at a later date). You can do so here. If you are awaiting the U.K. variant, you can sign up for email notifications here.

Enthusiasts, will you be online ordering the Build-A-Bear K.K. Slider plushy? Let us know your purchasing plans in the comment field below.

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