TerminalMontage releases Part 2 of “Something about Ocarina of Time”

terminalmontage ocarina of time

TerminalMontage is back with another fantastic video, and this one has been a year in the making. If you’re not familiar, TerminalMontage is a popular YouTube channel run by Jeremey Chinshue that creates fast-paced, humor-filled video game animations. A ton of work goes into each one, and they’re always packed with Easter eggs for the fans who know. Last Summer, Chinshue released Part 1 of “Something About Zelda Ocarina of Time,” which covers the Child portions of the game. Part 2 is finally here, and you can check it out by clicking below!

TerminalMontage: Something About Ocarina of Time

Part 2 of many

The second “half” of Ocarina of Time is quite a bit longer than the first, so this video doesn’t conclude the series. Part 2 kicks off with Link waking up in the Sacred Realm and covers his adventures through the end of the Forest Temple. That still leaves the Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit Temples, as well as the big fight with Ganondorf at the end. I suspect there will be several more “Something About Ocarina of Time” videos from TerminalMontage before it’s all said and done.

If this TerminalMontage video has inspired you to replay Ocarina of Time, you can look forward to it on Switch soon. Nintendo Switch Online will soon be adding N64 games to its lineup, including this most iconic of Zelda titles. However, you will have to pay a (not yet specified) fee to upgrade your service.


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