Tenet on Game Boy Advance Video is the ultimate way to view Nolan’s film

Tenet Game Boy Advance Video Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan really hoped that the world could view his latest film, Tenet, on a film screen as he had intended. Considering the time in which the film released, he received some valid criticism for that, but he also received a lot of undue hatred and things exploded out of proportion as is the norm on the internet. Regardless, yep, Tenet is a film that exists, but if you want to watch it, there’s an infinitely more high-tech option than Blu-ray or streaming: Have you ever considered the Tenet on Game Boy Advance Video option? YouTube channel Wulff Den did and made it a reality.

Game Boy Advance Video carts can apparently only handle at most 30 minutes of footage without the visual quality becoming complete garbage, so Wulff Den segmented Tenet into five separate carts to just barely fit it all. Corners were, naturally, still cut with resolution and whatnot to make it work. (Game Boy Advance screen resolution is 240×160 in the first place.) “This is quite possibly the worst way to view Tenet and still be able to kind of see what’s going on,” the YouTuber hilariously notes. Over the course of the video, he explains the impressive technical loops he jumped through to make this possible.

Is Tenet on Game Boy Advance Video how you wanted to start your day? That’s a rhetorical question, because it’s too late to go back now.


John Friscia
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