Tencent is seeking a Pokémon consultant with 900+ hours of playtime

Tencent Pokémon consultant hiring 19 job listings Nintendo Pokémon Company Pokémon Unite Red

Do you fancy yourself a Pokémon expert? Well, if you live in China and speak Mandarin, there may be a job for you. Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad has drawn light to the fact that Tencent is currently recruiting for 19 jobs related to the game franchise, including an official Pokémon consultant. This person must have completed all the games with over 900 hours of playtime, understand the history of the series, have the “Master Ball” ranking competitively, and have watched over 500 episodes of the anime. The company is looking for a true fanatic.

Of course, Tencent has reasons to be seeking a Pokémon consultant and these other related jobs. The company is the official distributor of Nintendo Switch products in China, but more importantly in this case, Tencent’s TiMi Studios is also developing the MOBA Pokémon Unite in collaboration with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company, targeting Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It stands to reason that a Pokémon consultant would be hired to assist Tencent and TiMi Studios with Pokémon Unite or an adjacent, unannounced project.

In other series news, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution recently arrived on platforms outside of Netflix, including Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

Update: Ahmad states that this particular consultant job listing has been removed (for unknown but probably deeply amusing reasons).


John Friscia
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