Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands releases March 24th

Tales from the Borderlands release

Though I was hoping that yesterday’s Nintendo Direct would officially unveil a localization of The Great Ace Attorney, given recent ratings in Taiwan, my hope is not lost, as another game from that leak did get announced today. Tales from the Borderlands, a Telltale Games narrative adventure, is officially releasing for Switch on March 24th.

Tales from the Borderlands takes place on the planet Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2. Taking the roles of Hyperion employee Rhys and con artist Fiona, you recount the tale of how these two unlikely heroes attempt to track down a load of cash. As with other Telltale games, Tales from the Borderlands is more of an interactive novel, with a hint of light gameplay elements. Instead, most of the game will be spent watching events unfold, although your choice in dialogue, alongside a few key decisions, will shape certain elements later on.

Originally, Tales from the Borderlands was released in five episodes over the course of a year. While that episodic structure remains in place (and actually works well for games like this), the Switch version will come with all episodes right out of the gate, no waiting necessary.

If you’re a fan of Borderlands, you won’t want to miss Tales from the Borderlands. It’s got great writing, the usual Borderlands-style humor, and is overall a great package. It’s easily one of my favorite Telltale games of all time, and I’ll certainly be looking forward to diving in once again once Tales from the Borderlands releases this March.

Steven Rollins
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