Team Xecuter Announces Hacked Custom Firmware Coming to Switch

DISCLAIMER: We at Nintendo Enthusiast and the rest of the Enthusiast Gaming network do not endorse hacking/piracy. The following post has been published with the sole intent of reporting news to the community. 

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for a little less than a year at this point. Despite still being relatively new, it looks like the hacking community is very close to penetrating the Switch.

Hacker group ‘Team-Xecuter’ has released an announcement about their next big project: delivering a CFW solution (custom firmware( to the Nintendo Switch. This will open up the door for things like Homebrew, and of course, piracy.

Team-Xecuter claims that this hacked CFW will run on any official version of the Switch OS. This makes every single unit out there vulnerable, whether already purchased or still sealed up in a box on retail shelves. To try and prove that this project is real, a video small teaser video was uploaded to the ‘Gary O-P-A’ YouTube channel showing a Switch being booted up with Team-Xecuter’s custom firmware:

Team-Xecuter has a long history of modifying consoles, with their work going as far back as 2002. This does make this announcement rather unsettling. If the Switch truly has been hacked, then that has the potential to scare off developers as it would threaten their profits. Nintendo has been releasing a steady stream of patches to the system since launch, the majority of which have been ‘stability updates’, but we’ve come to figure out that’s basically an indirect way of saying it’s actually security patch.

This isn’t the first time that the Switch hacking community has been brought into the limelight. For instance, back in July 2017, hackers claimed to have breached the Switch’s kernel. This was just a few months after the system had launched.

So, should you really be worried about this news? Well, not yet. If Team-Xecuter’s Switch CFW is legit and is released, what will really determine how much of an impact it will make is if whether or not it ends up being a hardware mod (hardmod) or software mod (softmod). A hardware mod is very complex and time-consuming and requires the purchase of a hacking component. Not everyone has the means or know-how to make use of a hardmod, so that means this CFW would most likely only be used the very dedicated of the community since they have the technical knowledge to handle it. If this project turns out to be a softmod, however, then the floodgates have a much greater chance of opening. Softmods are typically pretty easy to install. The Wii, for instance, became notorious for how easy it was to hack thanks to software modifications. The Wii U was also very simple to hack.

Considering how popular the Switch has become, and that it’s also pretty much established itself as Nintendo’s sole flagship system (both the dedicated home console and handheld), then no doubt the Big N is taking extra precautions to preserve the Switch’s security. Hacking may be a hobby for some, but it can be detrimental to the masses due it typically causing a loss of profits. It would be devastating for Nintendo if the Switch were brought down by hacking projects such as this.

As stated in the disclaimer, we here at Nintendo Enthusiast and the entire Enthusiast Gaming network do not endorse hacking/piracy. This piece was written for the sole purpose of reporting news. If this hack is legitimate and is released, just keep in mind the potentially massive negative effects it can have on Nintendo and the entire Switch community. Ask yourself: ‘is it really worth it?’

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