Team Rocket merchandise line slaps a big red ‘R’ on stuff and calls it a day

Team Rocket merchandise line Pokémon Company big red R

Trends come and go in graphic design, the same as they do everywhere else. The trend for the past several years now has been clean, flat design. In essence, it’s a return to simplicity. This new Team Rocket merchandise line by the Pokémon Company also captures an air of simplicity — because they literally just stuck a big red “R” on everything. Check out a few pieces below.


To be fair, several pieces of the merch also include that “[Team Rocket]” pseudo-stamp. And hey, the lanyard has lots of R’s on it, which only multiplies the excitement factor. So the Pokémon Company really outdid itself here.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop teasing now. The truth is that the big red R on a black background really does make a strong impact. If I were a Team Rocket fan, I’d happily wear a T-shirt or lug that backpack to New York Comic Con.

What about you? Eager to do some shopping? Let us know what catches your eye!


John Friscia
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