Team Liquid Announces Smash Bros. Division with Signing of Melee Veterans Ken and KoreanDJ

Super Smash Bros. has defiantly become the most electrifying eSport in the world. Now, major teams want a piece of the action.

ESports organization Team Liquid has officially announced today that they will now be the home of two all-star Super Smash Bros. Melee players, Ken \’Ken\’ Hoang and Daniel \’KoreanDJ\’ Jung, as they kick off the beginning of their new Smash Bros. competitive division. Team Liquid has and continues to sponsor players and teams while providing coverage for titles like Starcraft: Brood War, Starcraft II, DOTA 2, and more.

Team Liquid released the following statement regarding the signing of Ken and KoreanDJ from owner Victor \’Nazgul\’ Goossens:

\”Last October a documentary was released that followed the players and competitive scene of Super Smash Brothers Melee. It received a lot of praise and I would go as far as to say that I have never seen better eSports content. If you haven\’t seen it I would check it out as it’s a nice way to relax, and will make it easy to understand why we\’re adding players for Smash.

I\’ve been pretty focused on just a couple games and after seeing the documentary, it was like a whole new world opened up. I was blown away by the depth of this game and that it was still going strong after so many years without any support. The scene that is behind Smash is amazing. The game is 13 years old and has stood the test of time over and over again. The game is deep and deserving of being an eSport.

\”After many years of absence, in 2013 Smash Melee made its return to EVO, the largest fighting game tournament in the world. It snuck in through the backdoor by winning a poll measured in charity donations. It shocked the world by getting 700 entrants, the most ever for a Smash tournament, and 130,000 unique viewers, the second most watched game out of all eight games at EVO. At Anaheim, MLG will be bringing Smash back after a long, long absence. After 13 years, the game might just see their biggest year yet.

Smash is a bit of an outcast in the fighting game community. As an eSport there has been very little support from Nintendo and the balance of the game is largely held in place by many bugs that were never intended to be in there. It reminds me a lot of Brood War in so many ways.

The players we start a team with are KoreanDJ and Ken, two legends that together with our announcement will announce their official comeback to competitive Smash. They\’re incredible players and personalities. Ken actually is a big BW/SC2/Dota and Liquid fan and appeared on the popular TV show Survivor. I\’m a huge Survivor fan myself and learning that Ken likes Liquid was pretty awesome. KoreanDJ used to visit TL over ten years ago for BW replays and plays an amazing violin.

Having worked with both guys for a while now, I am confident as ever that they will do a great job representing our team and sponsors. Recently KDJ took it to M2K in a tournament environment and went 2-3 with him, twice. An incredible feat for someone making a comeback. This announcement has been one of the coolest things we\’ve ever done and I hope it is only the start. They will do a great job representing us.\”

Smash Bros. commentator and community leader Wynton \’Prog\’ Smith had this to say about Team Liquid’s acquiring of these two Smash greats:

\”This is definitely a huge step in the growth of the Smash scene. Our grassroots events have fire and passion that a lot of other scenes have trouble matching, and these players have a long, storied history in Smash, particularly Melee. I couldn\’t be happier for them and I know they will do Team Liquid justice as some of Melee’s finest.\”

The two players are expected to represent Team Liquid at major Smash Bros. events this year, which include the recently announced Melee competitions at MLG Anaheim in June and EVO 2014 in July.

Dakota Lasky