Team GO Rocket invades New York City

GO Rocket

Following a lull in villainous activity, Team GO Rocket returned yesterday to plague the Pokémon GO community. And today they displayed a show of force to the world, proving that they’re not just a bunch of ne’er-do-wells in tacky outfits.

Suspicious activity!

No longer content to hide behind PokéStops, on Friday they were spotted sneaking around New York City. Pink-haired grunts menaced their way around popular areas in Midtown among large groups of people. Not even bothering to conceal their criminal intent, they even carried around large buckets of Team GO Rocket-brand red paint and cheap brushes.

Team GO Rocket Team GO Rocket

Defacement of public property!

Later in the day, the purpose of these supplies was made known when graffiti artists associated with Team GO Rocket vandalized the 34th Street – Herald Square subway station. They covered every pillar, wall, and turnstile with enough lurid pigment to make a Smeargle jealous. The following photos are exclusive to Nintendo Enthusiast and paint an enraging scene.

Turf war!

All that pales in comparison to the event that unfolded around 5:00 p.m. ET. In a coordinated attack, Team GO Rocket grunts took over every single Pokéstop in New York City. The streets were unsafe for Pokémon and trainers alike, and it took the combined efforts of Team Mystic, Team Valor, and that other one to turn things around and reclaim the city.


Team GO Rocket Invasion!

Creepy videos!

Still, one has to wonder whether this is just the start of something bigger, especially given the transmission they sent out yesterday.

We’ve received reports that members of the villainous Team GO Rocket are still committing crimes around PokéStops. If you see one that’s discolored and vibrating erratically, there’s probably a grunt waiting to ambush you. Exercise extreme caution — these hooligans aren’t the kind to play fair.

Law enforcement is also warning trainers to be careful around mysterious Shadow Pokémon. Many of these punks are too cowardly to take their poor monsters with them, abandoning the creatures in their haste. If you see a Pokémon acting strangely and glowing with an aura of dark flames, take the proper precautions before feeding it stardust and candy. This will allow the Pokémon to lose its Frustration and be purified.


Renowned Pokémon expert Professor Willow is looking into these events, and he has his best research assistants on the case. Hopefully, as we learn more about the properties of the Shadow and purified statuses, we’ll obtain better tools for taking on Team GO Rocket.

Stay safe out there, Enthusiasts.

Dominick Ashtear