Team Cherry won’t be announcing any Silksong news during E3

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Hollow Knight is one of the most impressive indie games in recent memory, and millions of players eagerly await its sequel. Every Nintendo Indie World Showcase has us holding our breath and crossing our fingers for Silksong news. Unfortunately, those wishes are rarely granted. With E3 just around the corner, many hoped that Team Cherry would be one of the prominently featured indie devs. However, they’ve confirmed that won’t be the case.

Team Cherry: No Silksong news at E3

Leth informed the Hollow Knight Discord community today that there won’t be any reveals during E3. For those who aren’t familiar, Leth handles marketing for Team Cherry, and it looks like he wanted to get ahead of the hype. Rather than letting fans get giddy with anticipation only to be let down next month, he’s setting the record straight now. Personally, I wasn’t expecting any Silksong news during E3, although they did have a booth in the Nintendo section in 2019.

As disappointing as it is that we’ll have to pine for Silksong news a little longer, I’m more than happy to wait. Hollow Knight is a massive game, and Team Cherry is a small team. Expectations are sky-high for the sequel, so they’re certainly not going to rush development. Choosing to give us our next look at the game after E3 also means they won’t have to share the spotlight with so many other big reveals.


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