Retro: Talented gamer envisions a Game Boy Pokémon Sword and Shield

Game Boy Sword Shield

While we all have our own opinions on Pokémon Sword and Shield, there is no doubt the games sold incredibly well. And whether you like the titles or not, we can all agree the Pokémon series holds enormous sway over gamers, especially when you factor in nostalgia. What better way to view the latest entries, then, than as Game Boy games? Japanese YouTuber Hayate Keiunji did just that by creating a video showcasing the Galar region in black and white.

What color cartridges would Pokémon Sword and Shield even be on Game Boy?

Let’s take a look at Keiunji’s work below:

I love the BGM and sprite work. Keiunji even managed to squeeze the Ball Guy in there!

As Keiunji explains in the clip description, this project was born out of their desire to hear Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s music in 8-bit form. They decided to do it themselves when they couldn’t find any tracks online. You can hear such compositions as the Postwick theme, Hulbury theme, and more. Keiunji even crafted an original story to go along with the animation!

Enthusiasts, what do you think about Keiunji’s vision of Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Game Boy? Let us know below!

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