Take-Two backs out of bid to buy Codemasters, leaving it up to EA

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Codemasters, one of the most prestigious studios in the industry for racing games, is seeking to be put under a new corporate umbrella. Initially, Take-Two announced a near $1 billion bid, but that was challenged by Electronic Arts for $1.2 billion. Now, Take-Two has formally backed out of the bid, leaving EA to as the sole potential buyer.

According to a report from Business Wire, Take-Two has formally withdrawn from the bid after not conducting a meeting with Codemasters’ shareholders. It seems that after EA made the higher offer, the company, though very large within of itself, was not willing to try and beat out the even larger EA in a potential bidding match.

With EA now being left to embrace Codemasters all on its own, that means that future entries in series like DiRTGRID and F1 2K will have the backing of Electronic Arts’ massive amount of resources.

A switch to EA

EA has a long history of acquiring smaller studios, though its track record is similar to that of Google. That is, many of the studios that EA has taken under its wing have shuddered a few years after. While that’s not always the case, it seems acquisitions by EA shake up the bought-out company enough to where either a lot of personnel leave, as was the case with Criterion, or the studio closes its doors entirely.

Due to Codemasters’ sheer size and regular releases, it’s unlikely that it too would suffer a similar fate of closure. If anything, EA is simply looking to make extra bank off of the studio’s critically-acclaimed and well-selling franchises.

GRID Autosport update to add online multiplayer on Switch, Labo support hori steering wheel

As it relates to Nintendo, we all know that it seems to have a very odd relationship with the company as evidenced by the lack of strong support in recent years despite the massive sales of the Switch. Codemasters also hasn’t done much with the Switch, though it did provide a 2019 port of the last-gen gem GRID Autosport in cooperation with Feral Interactive.

So far, that’s the only piece of Codemasters portfolio to grace the hybrid and there aren’t any formal announcements of anything else at this time. Hopefully, if there are any, then once EA does go through with the acquisition it will allow Codemasters to continue as normal. For now, though, we’ll have to wait and see if Codemasters, or EA in general, truly takes a better look at the Switch in the near future.

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