Take that: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth get Nendoroids

Phoenix Wright Nendoroid

Do you know when it is clear a video game series has made the big time? When it gets its own Nendoroid figure. From Undertale to Bayonetta, no franchise is too big or too small to get cute doll merchandise. Such is the case today with the Phoenix Wright games. Both Phoenix Wright and his frenemy Miles Edgeworth have Nendoroids up for pre-order. They are expected to ship in October 2022.

The Phoenix Wright Nendoroid is not to be thrown at friends while shouting “Objection!”

Take a look at the official Twitter announcement below:

Each figure comes with three unique faceplates, a court document, desk, and multiple text plates in English, Japanese, and simplified Chinese. The bodies are fully articulated, which means they are great for posing dramatically. Sadly, neither figure has voice samples.

You can pre-order Edgeworth or Wright for $54.99 each. The pre-order period is from November 29 until January 12, so you have plenty of time to determine if you need these in your life.

Enthusiasts, what do you think of these Phoenix Wright Nendoroid figurines? Will you be purchasing either to recreate the courtroom drama of the games in physical form? Let us know below.

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