Knockout City open beta from EA runs across platforms on April 2-4

Knockout City Open Beta Nintendo Switch cross-play bonuses EA Velan Studios

Last month, EA and Velan Studios unveiled their multiplayer mayhem dodgebrawl game, Knockout City. There was a closed beta to celebrate the announcement, but if you want to get in a few practice rounds before launch, a Knockout City open beta is now on its way. Scheduled for April 2-4, everyone will have an opportunity to learn how to play and even get some cool in-game swag to show for it. Better yet, you’ll be able to play it on Nintendo Switch for the first time!

Here are the details from EA:

In the Cross-Play open beta, players will have access to everything they loved from the first beta — the Moon, Cage and Bomb Balls, the Concussion Yard, Rooftop Rumble, and Knockout Roundabout locations and Team KO playlist — with even more new content. This weekend will introduce the Sniper Ball, Back Alley Brawl map, 1v1 Face-Off and Diamond Dash playlists and fresh style options. With a total of four maps, five playable balls, three playlists and a ton of customization options, this second beta will have dodgebrawlers on their toes all weekend long. Private Matches will also be available to set up custom matches against friends, or some foes.

TheĀ Knockout City open beta will feature cross-play and cross-progression, so you can check it out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Store) to see which version you like best. You’ll also get a glider and player icon that will carry over when the full game launches in May.

Knockout City exists in the same kind of space as colorful multiplayer battle sports games like Splatoon and Rocket League. It has simple mechanics that reward practice, teamwork, and skill. If you didn’t get to play in the demo in February, you can sign up for the open beta at, and you’ll have an early chance to try out the exclusive gear this weekend.

Knockout City Open Beta

The game has a lot of potential and is a ton of fun (when it’s working properly). We’re looking forward to seeing if some of the issues from last month’s demo have been fixed, so we’ll see you in Knockout City!

Dominick Ashtear