Take flight: Sol Cresta blasting off to Nintendo Switch on February 22

Sol Cresta release date

Last we heard, Sol Cresta did not make its December 9 launch, and was delayed. Kamiya was sorry about the development, we all cried, and life resumed without a new date or release window mentioned. Cut to last night, and PlatinumGames announced a release date for Sol Cresta during its live stream. The title will see the light of day via the Switch eShop on February 22 for €39.99 / $39.99 / 3,980 yen.

I can’t believe we are getting a shmup from Platinum in 2022

Check out the video below:

The actual information portion begins at the 30:10 mark (everything before then is looped footage of the game). Hijinks and jokes ensue, with a capsule machine being used to reveal the release date. This is done slowly to build anticipation. Eventually, it is shown the numbers from the device are 2/22, Sol Cresta‘s release date. Additionally, the game’s official artwork was shown off, which you can see up top. Also, for shmup enthusiasts especially, an optional vertical-screen mode was unveiled.

Enthusiasts, are you excited Sol Cresta finally got a solid release date, and that it is soon? What other titles from PlatinumGames are you looking forward to playing in 2022? Let us know below.

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