Synthetik: Ultimate brings tactical rogue-lite action to Switch in December

Synthetik: Ultimate

If you’re the type of gamer who cannot get enough roguelike action in your day, slap Synthetik: Ultimate on your wishlist. The game is headed to Switch on December 16. You can check out an old PC release trailer for the game below.

Synthetik: Ultimate seems to have a lot going on. The gameplay in the video above is fast-paced and utilizes all sorts of different abilities and combat tricks. Assuming the game is smooth and fun to play, it could be a heck of a good time for roguelike fans.

According to a press release about the game, Synthetik: Ultimate augments its gunplay with active reload mechanics, movement-based recoil, and various ammo types. The developers proudly tout what they claim is one of the first-ever instances of headshots in a top-down game.

Additionally, the developers emphasize that Synthetik: Ultimate is built with all sorts of different ways to play, ranging from careful stealth to “heavy weapon madness.” With different modifications, upgradable classes, and over 140 different items (from laser mines to mind control to pets to potions), the game clearly has tons of different ways to experiment. Hopefully, it can deliver with fun gameplay. I’ll certainly have it on my radar between now and release.


Nick Pearson
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