Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign is the next Pokémon TCG expansion

TCG expansion Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign cards revealed

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign is the next expansion in the massively successful card battling series that has existed since 1996. It will introduce Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX and the Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Plus, there will be more than 70 new Battle Styles cards.

Here’s a fuller rundown of what to expect in Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign:

  • Over 190 cards
  • Dozens of Pokémon originally discovered in the Galar region
  • 15 powerful Pokémon V and 8 enormous Pokémon VMAX
  • New Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards
  • 28 Trainer cards and 13 full-art Supporter cards
  • 3 new Special Energy cards

Starting on June 5, you can buy the Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box at participating retailers. Each one contains four booster packs, in addition to “a 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, including one of four alternate-art promo cards; and a deck-building tip sheet.” The expansion formally releases June 18.

If you had asked me 20 years ago if I thought Pokémon TCG would still be a thing now, I probably would have said no. And that would have made me a pretty dumb 6th grader, so I’m glad no one ever asked me that. Anyway, tell us if you’re stoked for Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign!

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